Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I was in the Grand Canyon and about to go on a run. It was cold outside and beginning to snow, and all I had for my hands were a pair of pink gloves that belonged to my Wife. I thought to myself something like, "What will people think?," and for a second I thought I wouldn't wear any gloves. Then my senses came back and I realized, if I was going to run, I had better where those gloves if I knew what was good for me. So I did. I laughed a little about the thought of what people might think, which felt good.

Well...I don't think people thought much at all about it. If they did, it turns out it doesn't matter too much. It matters more that we do what we know we need to do, in this case avoiding frostbite. How many times have You not done something, or done something different than you wanted to because of the same thought process? Here's what I recommend now. If it is good to do and your afraid, do it for sure. It will probably make you laugh at yourself, and it will stretch your comfort zone, making other things easier to do, which will contribute to more relaxation and better health.

Since the first time I have went running with those gloves on many occasions. I have laughed at myself a little and sometimes I have been fortunate enough to catch someone laughing at me!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dreaming Again

What excites you? This might be the question that needs answering the most, for many of us. This question has been posed by Tim Ferris, in his book, The Four Hour Workweek. In it he asks the question, "What is the opposite of Happiness?" The answer, he gives is boredom. This insight has helped me to search out the things that make me excited, which Tim stated was a more appropriate synonym for happiness.
Brilliance, light shining in the darkness, illuminating the passage back to a path once forgotten. I don't use the word bored to describe how I feel, rather feeling, not saying, I was feeling apathetic, like it wasn't important, whatever it might be, that truly creates joy for me. I can't say I am happy all of the time, but I am excited again, and that is something like living, being alive, doing what excites me.
This would mean nothing, if it were not for you. Go out to live again if your not, dream a little, and who knows? Maybe life can be beautiful and you will find that joy you once lost, always hoped for, or thought was only a fairytale. Amen
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