Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yoga Swing Update

My new favorite way to get in better shape is a yoga swing. My intention here is to let you know where you can find some quality information I've put out on yoga swings, the omni swing ( my favorite yoga swing), and how to get one.

The yoga swing is not all about yoga, although you can do anti gravity yoga on one. It's about developing strength and flexibility in a way that's revolutionary.

I have one video on the differences between the omni swing and the yoga swing, with some basics about the yoga swing. Just click here on Yoga Swing to see it.

I created a video called yoga swing chronicles ~ first day on omni swing, where you can see me on my new omni swing deluxe. Just click here on Omni Swing to see that one.

I have another yoga swing video update for you. You can watch it at Second Week On Omni Swing. I show a couple of new poses and also tell, and show some of the results I'm getting from using my new yoga swing.

The next video is my latest from the yoga swing chronicles. I think I am getting a six pack by now, but you'll have to see for yourself. You can watch it at Omni Swing Progress Report.

If you want to see my yoga swing site, where there will be updates as I progress on the omni swing, it's right here at Omni Swing Yoga Swing.

If you already know about yoga swings and just want to get what I think is the best go here.

It's 1/11/2012 and I'm adding a video of my progress on the omni swing up to this point. You can see it below.

Please let me know if you have any testimonials about your success in getting extremely fit on your yoga swing.




kaney said...

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Nutribuff said...

I like yoga too. I did this post on yoga at my blog

That's awesome that you have extra yoga ideas. It's definitely a good way to go to get your body healthy and in shape. I like that it is so good for your neck and back. It can relieve a lot of pain and stiffness.

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