Friday, December 19, 2008

Success with Natural Remedies

The term natural remedies has become popular in the world we live in today. Some people prefer natural remedies to traditional western medicine while others think natural remedies are the only way to go. Other groups of people think anything centered around natural remedies is quackery and others still have come to appreciate a mix of different types of healing. I have come to dispel the confusion around this issue. Get ready to hear the truth.

For many years, on my own, I have been a seeker of ways to help my self and take responsibility for my own health. Sometimes with radical disregard and distrust of our own medical system. I have come to appreciate the need for modern medical doctors, and feel confident in saying, I think it's a good idea to be able to see this issue from many different angles. In the cases of physical trauma or surgery, I trust the doctors for their expertise 100 %. Even the drugs used in such cases are, for the most part, absolutely necessary and even life saving. I also appreciate the opinions of open minded medical doctors, to aid us with a more complete understanding, so we can gain clarity in making choices about our health. Next is a personal story to help you in your own quest.

My Wife and I were in Hungary this summer with our little boy, who was about 9 months old at the time. He has been perfectly healthy, thank God, for all of his life, with the exception of a severe case of Eczema, with some complications resulting. The most concerning of these turned out to be a case of ringworm (or tinea corporis.) We read on the internet to see if there was any way we could treat it naturally. We found a couple of ideas that some people claimed they had success with, however we were still skeptical, because of the severity of the infection, which had started in the places where the eczema was worst, and was rapidly spreading all over his body. We decided we had to visit the Doctor, despite our skepticism of this approach.

The Dermatologist came highly recommended by my Wife's mom, who said she was one of the leading dermatologists in all of Hungary, and was also a friend of the family. We visited her and she confirmed it was ringworm and that she had the cure. We asked if there were any natural remedies, to which we received the response there were not. We were given a prescription for two creams, which we were told were safe and would eliminate the ringworm. She also told us that if we didn't use it the ringworm would only get worse, with more complications, and never go away. We walked away feeling a little disappointed and reluctantly went to the pharmacy, thinking we should get the prescription even though we were still unsure if we would use it.

At the pharmacy we paid for the creams. One of them was a steroid creme with a fungicide and the other some general moisture creme, which we were told was to be used after every bath. We were also told that this creme was perfectly safe and was routinely prescribed for all new born babies in Hungary. After reading the ingredients on this creme we immediately decided it was not going on our baby. We were still at the pharmacy and tried to return it and they would not refund us for it. We let them know they should give it to some one who wanted it and they declined to this as well. We left it on the counter and instructed them to please throw it in the trash for us, at which point we left without a refund. We still had the steroid fungicide creme, just in case.

We went to the health store and purchased some good colloidal silver, which we had read about and had hopes in, as an alternative to the creme. It took a lot of faith, but we decided to use it with some organic shea butter instead of the creme, thinking that if no improvement came in a short time we would resort to the doctor's creme. We were challenged by my wife's family, as they were skeptical of our methods, which made us all the more unsure of ourselves. We knew that we had practiced a lot of things that were not excepted by mainstream culture and believed those things were at least partly responsible for our own good health. We decided if we didn't trust ourselves this time it might create doubt about all of the things we were practicing for our health. You can probably see this was no small test of faith.

We applied the silver with the shea butter several times a day and also gave silver internally to our baby. We found a very high quality ionic silver with the smallest particle size that you can get a mineral into. This is important if for anyone thinking about using this method themselves. Within a few days we noticed some good changes. After a week we went back to the doctor at which point she told us the creme was working beautifully and to keep it up. At the request of my wife's mother we did not tell the doctor that we were not using the creme. To sum things up, the silver worked and the ringworm completely disappeared along with the eczema. Our baby is now 16 months old and has perfectly healthy skin. We never used the creme.

As with anything one does in their life I believe it is important that you educate yourself and take responsibility for your decisions. Don't trust me alone. Check with your doctor, and read and learn about these important subjects. I am not a doctor and respect the choices of others who might choose differently than I have. I am thankful however, that after seeing both sides of this issue that we trusted in ourselves, and the faith this has given us is beyond explanation. May you also have success and health in your journeys.

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