Sunday, November 30, 2008

Exercise and Eating

Here is some real information for you. Some things I am qualified to talk about through practical experience. My favorite exercise for the sake of best results in gains is sprinting. This might sound a little scary at first, but once you've gotten into them you'll see the benefits, and love the results. I do sprints or some kind of other real quick exercise, that is not specifically running, three times a week. If you are running sprints be sure to get your blood flowing a little before jumping right into them. A couple of stretches can help a little as well. Try 3 to 4, at as fast as you can tolerate, with just enough time in between to almost catch your breath. This is good for your heart, lungs and helping you to stop doing things that are bad for your health. Super speed exercises also create more HGH in your body. HGH is human growth hormone, and it keeps us younger and helps us to recover faster. I will go into more detail about this in another blog, but now I just want to get some practical information out there for you. Long distance running is very good as well, however, I have to say from experience that I believe sprints do more for you. They will make you stronger. They will help you to gain muscle mass and strength that you didn't know you were capable of, and jump start your energy in such a way, that you may not need a cup of coffee to get your day started. Some times I am vibrating with a good sort of energy several hours after I do this type of exercise. Like I said before, I am going to back this up with some good follow up information so you can go and verify this in writing from other peoples experience as well. For now let's get into the eating side of this.

For recovery I like to eat a huge banana and green leafy vegetable smoothie with Chlorella in it. Chorella is an amazing food and contains CGF(Chorella Growth Factor), which helps you to recover faster. It is also loaded with vitamins and minerals. It can increase the lactobacillus in your gut up to 4 times. This is very good, considering lactobacillus is a probiotic, which helps your body to digest food and utilize nutrients more efficiently. Try 5 bananas, 1/4 to 1/2 pound of greens, chorella and a little filtered water blended together for a breakfast or lunch that won't leave you wanting for more. Once you go there you won't go back. This is a good start for anyone in exercise and eating. I'll give you some more good stuff another time. One more thing. If you are new to the green foods and fresh fruit, don't get discouraged if it's a little strange in anyway at first. Our bodies crave what we put into them, and your body will crave foods like this if you get in the habit. Then, other foods that are not as good will seem strange to put in your body.

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