Saturday, November 22, 2008

Learning as we go

I was listening to a show called, "The Renegade Health Show," by Kevin Gianni the other day, and thought I would share this message. He spoke about the book, "Fit for Life," and how the author doesn't believe what he wrote anymore. This book is one of the number one selling diet and health books of all time. People are still following this book. I have corresponded with another author who relayed to me that he has changed some of the things he once felt strongly about as well. What's the message here? Sometimes we think we have got it figured out, and then life humbles us and tells us otherwise. I guess we just keep learning and sharing our experience, and in the process we do get some understanding and insight. For me it also shows how good it is to keep learning instead of getting caught up in one persons understanding. I am thankful for the people who wrote these books, in sincerity, and have gained a lot of good knowledge from them, in spite of the fact that not everything in them works for everyone all of the time. Let's keep learning and sharing.

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